Who We Are
General Motors is more than a world-class car company; it's the future. Everyday at General Motors is an opportunity to think bigger and aim higher. We aren't a car business; we're an idea business. We produce exceptional vehicles with the help of our exceptional employees. Our eyes are on the future but we need one push to keep us going - and that's you!

What We Do
At General Motors, we are taking the steps towards the future,. We are developing innovative, sustainable methods to maximize our vehicles' efficiency and ability. We are doing all of this and you can join us! Explore the possible careers available for you at General Motors. Administration, Communication, Finance - to name a few - are available options! No matter where you fit in, you are part of the General Motors family.

Cadillac sees a brave, new future - one without crashes, emissions, and congestion. We think the future holds electric, self-driving, connected vehicles. Shared mobility services will transform transportation. Bold, we know, but it is the future for which we strive. It is the vision we hope to one day make a reality. However, we cannot do this alone; we need your help! Apply to work for us today to become part of this team fighting for a bold future.

The benefits of working at Cadillac are almost too numerous to name - but we'll try! Let's start with health. Cadillac offers a comprehensive medical plan, triple tax-advantaged health savings account with GM contribution, dental plan, and visual plan! Wow! More impressive than that is Cadillac's retirement plan. We offer a 401k with both matching and retirement contributions by GM.
We respect that our employees don't always want to be at the office. Because of this, we offer a plethora of options to take time-off. We offer vacation time, generally ranging from 3 weeks to up to 6 weeks, based on service. We also offer time off for approximately sixteen annual paid holidays. For parents, we offer competitive paid parental leave. Our additional benefits include life insurance, disability, benefits, tuition assistance, adoption assistance, voluntary benefits, and discounts on GM vehicles for friends and family. See where you fit into the Cadillac family today!

Mentorship and Training
Cadillac's benefits are more than just the aforementioned, though. What better benefit is there than mentorship and training? Personalized mentorship, exceptional training, and plenty of networking opportunities will become available to you, when you join our team. Whether you find your place in the annual GM2020 summit; in Women in Action, the self-paced learning program made to help women develop leadership skills and navigate the unique challenges of the workforce; in iHub, our innovation hub; or through the Career Ambassador Network, we know there is a spot for you.

How to Join Our Team
After reviewing the plethora of reasons to apply, you may be wondering, "How do I join the team?" The hiring process is simple, only taking six to eight weeks. The first step is to search and apply! As you review opportunities on the our career site, evaluate each job's key responsibilities and qualifications, and determine whether they match your skills and interests. Then complete and submit your application online.
The second step is the resume review. Recruiters review candidate resumes and may schedule an initial screening interview if they have questions about candidates' job qualifications. After the review process is complete (generally about three to four weeks), recruiters contact candidates with the required job skills and qualifications to schedule interviews.
The third step is the interview and selection process. At the completion of the interview process, the hiring manager identifies the most qualified candidate and the recruiter extends a job offer. Once the candidate accepts the job offer, all candidates who applied for the position are notified. (Note that if an offer is not extended, the process of posting the job, reviewing additional resumes, and interviewing is repeated.)

Get started on your future with Cadillac here! We can't can't wait for you to join our team.

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