Cadillac is a GM-owned automobile maker famously known for making luxury cars. In the United States during the 20th century, Cadillacs were so highly thought of that the phrase "the Cadillac of x" was coined, meaning that something is of excellent quality and better than everything else in its category.

The company officially called "Cadillac Motor Car Division" is one of the oldest automobile companies and was founded in 1902. By the 1950s and 60s, it had become famous for making cars that were high quality and luxurious, and Cadillacs often set the standard for automotive styling.

Cadillac vehicles are known for their reliability and as being the lap of luxury when it comes to the driving experience, from technology options to elegant interior cabins and the best safety features. The 21st century brought a shift in a new design philosophy for Cadillac known as "Art and Science." The mantra served as a guiding platform on which to build their vehicles, featuring sharp, crisp edges and incorporating high-end technology. The new design language quickly spread across the entire lineup and can be seen in cars like the CT6 Sedan and XT5 Crossover.

Cadillac has given the world some amazing things, including the layout of car controls as we know them today, the first reliable V8 engine in a production car, as well as the first V16. Cadillac was also the first car company to hire an automotive stylist.

Cadillacs have always had an air about them, and that has led to some legendary celebrities driving them including, Clark Gable, Clint Eastwood, Gene Autry, Elvis Presley, and Marvin Gaye. In fact,. one of our most significant points of pride is The United States Presidential State Car. Cadillac's long relationship with US presidents hit its peak in 2013 when GM was awarded the contract for the president's three new limousines. Also known as The Beast, First Car, and our favorite, Cadillac One, there isn't a public specification list for security reasons, but we do know it's bulletproof and so heavy it has to run on truck tires. Rumor has it that Cadillac One has several security spy-movie level features inside as well as self-contained oxygen supply and a backup supply of the president's blood in case things go wrong.

Another time Cadillac served nation leaders were with the 1941 Cadillac Custom Limousine "The Duchess." Edward VIII was the King of Great Britain, Ireland and all the other titles that came with it. However, he abdicated his throne in 1936 to marry an American socialite from Baltimore. By relinquishing his throne, Edward became "simply" the Duke of Windsor and began a career of international jet-setting. The Duke of Windsor became a purveyor of style, and his influence still rings through the decades as men tie their neckties in a Windsor knot. Rolls-Royce was going strong at the time, but the Duke of Windsor wanted a Cadillac and not just any Cadillac. His was a one-of-a-kind coach built wonder with each body panel crafted by hand, and none matching any other Cadillac in existence. That carries through the entire car with ornate style and individuality down to the monogram and motifs. Then, to top it all off, the iconic Goddess hood ornament is gold plated.

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