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Since its birth in 1902, Cadillac has provided luxurious personal mobility in ways that transcend what we know about transportation. Since the early 1900s Cadillac has been inventing and reinventing ways to improve drivability.

From the first enclosed cabin in 1910 to the first hand-crank ignition in 1912, to the modern USB charging ports throughout the cabin today, Cadillac strives to make your driving experience a flawless one.

With this article, we're going to cover a few of the historic improvements Cadillac has brought to the field of auto manufacturing, with a nod at how these advancements changed the landscape for the American driver. As always, the team here at Sunset Cadillac of Bradenton would love to show you around the hottest technology on the auto market today.

Cadillac Launched the First Enclosed Cabin in 1910

1910 was a time of change for America. It was the decade when the U.S was first becoming a world power. The first enclosed cabin allowed any driver to drive much longer distances in comfort and safety. To understand the value of an enclosed cabin to drivers more than a century ago, you should know that road conditions were far more hazardous.

In the 1910s, most roads weren't yet paved and interstate highways did not yet even exist! The path from one farm to another, or into to town, was often fraught with danger, with the possibility of rain and storms always prevalent. Enclosed cabins gave drivers the ability to travel longer distances more comfortably, store their goods while shopping or running errands, and provided a sense of privacy that had not been an option in the past. Thanks to Cadillac, drivers traveling long distances into town had little to worry about anymore.

However, the master inventors of the time recognized one serious inconvenience that was still to be addressed: engines at the time needed to be cranked by hand to start. It could be messy work in lousy weather and required raw strength.

Cadillac Offers the First Electric Ignition in 1911 - 1912

The first self-starting ignition was installed in a Cadillac on February 17, 1911. The invention of the electric starter motor by Charles Kettering eliminated the need for hand cranking! For the first time, drivers could leave home any time, and head to any destination, without the need for demanding physical effort. The invention was widely well received, as hand cranking was the number one cause of auto-related injuries at the time.

Cadillac Today - A Luxury Brand For Everyone With the Aspiration to Own One

Jumping forward a century - leaping over world wars, civil rights movements, and landing in the information age - we know that the Cadillac brand is a mainstay in American culture. The car manufacturer’s state of the art technology allows the modern driver the freedom to go wherever they like, in a luxurious setting that is second to none for comfort and intuition. 

From simple-to-use hands-free communication to wireless charging and night vision capabilities, you’ll love the styling and convenience of a modern Cadillac. Today's Cadillac user experience merges entertainment, navigation, and your favorite apps, with intuitive touch and customizable settings to effortlessly keep you connected while on the road.

Sunset Cadillac of Bradenton - We Live the Tradition of Empowering Drivers

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