Tip Top Performance: Cadillac XT5

Are you looking for a popular luxury midsize SUV? If so, the Cadillac XT5 may be the perfect vehicle for you. It has an 8-speed electronically controlled shift, along with a few different selectable driving modes.

This 8-speed electronically controlled shift helps you navigate your vehicle from park to drive with a simple gesture. This allows your driving to be more efficient and responsive throughout the day. There’re are 8 different speeds types that give you the ability to drive according to your desired speed. There is a driver-selectable mode that ranges from touring, to snow and ice, and even sport. Touring is for your typical day to day driving. Snow and ice mode is for the winter weather that you may encounter. Lastly, sport mode is for that once in life time experience on the road.

Come out to SUNSET CADILLAC OF BRADENTON, and give the Cadillac XT5 a test drive today.


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