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The world of automobiles is constantly innovating and changing. Over the past few years, electric vehicles (EVs) have gained considerable popularity as more and more companies are starting to manufacture them. The latest to join this list is the fully electric vehicle from General Motor's flagship luxury brand: Cadillac.

Named as the Lyriq, this EV is the premium brand's first electric crossover. It was touted to get a debut in April 2020. However, current events necessitated that the event is postponed. Now, Cadillac is going with a virtual debut slated to happen in August 2020. 

In this article, we take a detailed look at this upcoming EV to learn more about its impressive features and upgrades. In the meantime, if you are looking for Cadillac cars for sale in Bradenton, then our SUV range is sure to entice you. 

Initial Look

Earlier this year, GM allowed a select group to have a first peek at the Cadillac EV at their massive electric vehicle event. This version of the EV was promoted as a precursor and not a concept car. While photography was not allowed at this event, a video teaser of the vehicle has been since then released by Cadillac for the public.

All the slated EVs will have real-word model names instead of the usual alpha-numeric ones. As of now, we know about the Lyriq crossover, the Celestiq sedan, and a yet unnamed Cadillac EV SUV.

Features and Design Upgrades

Now, let's take a closer look at the upgraded design of the Cadillac EVs and the features to expect.

1. Exterior Details

The Lyriq will have an impressive wide stance and a stunning face with backlit lines. These lines are in a precise geometric pattern that looks similar to a grille. While grilles are not necessary for electric vehicles, one cannot deny that this particular design gives an overall majestic look to the car. Further, this design will be seen in both the Lyriq and the forthcoming Celestiq Sedan. This grille pattern merges with the Cadillac's signature vertical headlights in the Lyriq.

The well-known Cadillac crest occupies its place of pride at the front and center of the model. Functional and eye-catching air inlets are also provided in the front. The vehicle designers opted for a sporty look with door handles that sit flush with the car body and a glass roof that extends from the windshield to the rear glass. 

Overall, from what we have seen so far, the exterior design of the EV is not only spectacular but also very effective.

2. Model Details

The Lyriq has a quite unique profile. Some of the pertinent features are as follows:

  • The profile is low-set and almost like a wagon, especially when compared to an SUV.
  • The wheelbase is long and is reminiscent of the original Cadillac SRX, rather than the recent SUV models. 
  • While the precursor car had dramatic 23- inch wheels, it is unlikely that the production model will have the same.
  • The rear of the vehicle has two-tiered lighting- with an upper set of lights and vertical lower taillights. The upper lights start behind the C-pillars and continue into the tailgates' directional light. This particular upper light is referred to as "sail tail" by Cadillac.
  • The lightweight batteries are placed on the vehicle floor, under the seats.

3. Dashboard

The EV dashboard boasts of a 34-inch, curved, and seamless LED screen. This screen stretches from one side of the dashboard to the other and is different from the more costly OLED that is seen in the Cadillac Escalade. The LED is not only more affordable but also is more effective for vehicles with a not-so-high transaction price.

While these vehicles are fully electric, Cadillac is not doing away with physical controls completely. A large rotary crystal knob and other physical controls will allow the driver to take over the vehicle when they do not want to rely on the touchscreen.

4. Interior Design

The interior design is also getting an upgrade in these vehicles. The absence of a transmission tunnel makes the Lyriq interior feel large and roomy. There are two sets of drawers in the center stack and the console is one giant storage bin. The wooden trim on the doors is nicely burled and continues into a light pattern. The speaker is designed to swoop into the armrests and maintains an overall cohesive look with the wooden details on the doors.

The Lyriq is a five-seater model. Passengers on the rear seats will have screens mounted to front seats at their disposal. An additional third screen in the console in the center will allow them to have more control. And what is more, the seats are reclining and have a massaging feature!

These vehicles also will have more glass detailing to give it a futuristic yet classy look.

Additional Details

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Production for Lyriq is supposed to take place at the Detroit-Hamtramck GM assembly plant. The company is investing about $2.2 billion in this site particularly for the production of EV. 

The Lyriq is modeled on the crossover version of the Cadillac platform, known as the BEV3. This mid-sized, two-row, and five-seat EV will go into production in late 2021 or early 2022. As per the current plans, the first units will be going to China with North America getting its supply just a few weeks after.

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When it comes to luxury vehicles, Cadillac is considered to be one of the foremost brands. And now, it is going to add another feather to its cap by becoming the leading GM brand with electric vehicle technology. Since it is a luxury brand that has been around for a while now, Cadillac is well-suited to absorb the initial high technology costs. This gives it an edge over the other players in the market and catapults it to a position where it will be able to sustain the production of next-generation electric vehicles.

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