Know When Your Exhaust is Leaking

One element of your car, truck, or SUV that you must always be on top of is the exhaust system. An exhaust system that is malfunctioning, including one that is leaking, presents a serious hazard. The impact of a leaking exhaust system is the potential for poisoning gas flowing into the cabin. You need to be aware of signs that your exhaust is leaking.

The most frequently occurring sign that your exhaust is leaking is a hissing or popping sound. Typically, these noises are intermittent and occur while the engine is running. Another of the more frequently arising signs of an exhaust leak is reduced gas mileage. In some cases, the drop in fuel efficiency can grow worse in a very short period of time.

When a sign or signs of an exhaust leak appear, you need to be proactive in seeking professional assistance. The service pros at Sunset Cadillac of Bradenton in Bradenton, FL stand ready to assist.

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