Cadillac Celestiq’s Roof

Electric cars were all the rage at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, and Cadillac is once again stealing the show with its trailer teasing the release of its new flagship electric vehicle, the Celestiq. General Motors showcased a number of electric vehicles, but the upcoming Celestiq was the showstopper. GM describes the new flagship electric car as an "ultra-luxury, fully electric show car". While the release looks to be 2025, Celestiq is taking center stage already. Here's why everyone is talking about the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq’s roof.


The Cadillac Celestiq is expected to take luxury and technology to the next level. It will have an all-wheel-drive, electric powertrain that expects at least a 300-mile driving range from its 100.0-kWh battery pack.

The design is sleek, but the cabin appears extra roomy with plenty of headroom. There is a huge touch-screen infotainment display that runs across the entire dash making this the most technological masterpiece that Cadillac has ever produced. Rear passengers will enjoy comparable comfort, since the sedan is styled with four bucket seats, instead of a bench seat in the back. Each rear seat occupant can enjoy their own personal screens for watching movies, using the internet, or listening to music.

The Cadillac Celestiq will have enhanced maneuverability with its four-wheel steering and is likely to include Super Cruise, GM's state-of-the-art driver-assist system.  

But with all the advanced technology and luxury features, people are talking about the roof.

Celestiq Roof

Cadillac is proud of its newly introduced roof that will be on the Celestiq. It takes technology to the next level and leaves all other sunroofs and glass roofs in its dust. Here is why everybody is talking about it:

  • One obstacle with the sunroofs of the past is in the design. In order to leave enough headspace for the sunroof to slide, the cabin often was somewhat boxy. With an all-glass roof, there is no sliding pieces to alter the sleek design of the sedan's body.
  • Glass automobile roofs in the past often struggled with glare and heat and could sometimes be a distraction or even a safety issue.
  • The Celestiq roof is made of four glass panels. Each can be controlled and adjusted by the passenger sitting beneath it.  

Each modular glass panel can have the tint controlled to the passenger's need or taste. Napping in the backseat? Simply change the tint to darken the panel. Looking at the starlit sky? Change the setting to clear, so you have a great view. You get the feel of the open air without the distraction of your hair blowing in the wind. Interestingly, the tint of the glass will match the ambient lighting in the car's interior.


Cadillac is interested in reducing the footprint of its cars, and by enabling its upcoming Celestiq with the ability to regulate the transparency of its roof panels, it is cooling the interior of the car.  This in turn reduces the amount of air conditioning, which ultimately allows manufacturers to decrease the size of air conditioning compressors while also reducing emissions.  

Over-tinted windows (and roofs) as well as un-tinted, also can pose some safety concerns. Sun glare has been responsible for countless accidents, so technology that can control the transparency of the glass could minimize that risk.  

Get Excited About the Cadillac Celestiq’s Roof!

Cadillac's new electric flagship is still not available. Last estimate is sometime mid-2025. However, now is the time to get excited about the future and to ask questions. Our experts at Bradenton Cadillac are here to help! Contact us or come by our showroom for a test drive. We are here Monday through Saturday and look forward to seeing you soon!

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